Report: 2016 Nexus Phones Will Allow You to Access Notifications via Fingerprint Sensor


A new report out of Android Police has been published which claims that Google’s upcoming 2016 Nexus smartphones will include a feature where if you slide your finger across the fingerprint sensor mounted to the back of the devices, you can access your notification pane. This would be helpful on larger screens as it would either require you to shimmy your hand all the way to the top of the device or use your other hand to stretch to the top.


As you can see from the animated GIF above, simply swiping your index finger over the fingerprint sensor will allow you to view your notifications much easier than having to make your way to the top of your phone which, according to today’s standards, is probably pretty far.

I really should say to take this information with a grain of salt since Google hasn’t confirmed anything of this sorts yet, however Android Police has been sure to mention that they’re highly confident in this rumor. In fact, they’ve totally dropped any second questioning about this rumor and have their hearts dead set on this feature coming to the 2016 Nexus smartphones. They’re not sure whether the shortcut will make it’s way to previous Nexuses, but they are confident that it will arrive on the new Nexus devices.

It’s worth noting that this GIF was taken on Android Nougat which appears to include the recently leaked redesigned navigation keys. Android Police notes that the two blue and green dots which appear off to the sides of the main home button aren’t supposed to be there, however do, in fact, transition to there current positions when activating the Google Assistant or Now on Tap. The reason the dots appear as they do now is because the software behind the navigation keys isn’t perfect yet and is relatively buggy. The publication notes, however, that this should be fixed by the time Android 7.0 launches.

All in all, this shortcut will likely be very welcome by Nexus users. I’m totally for it, but I want to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share what you think in the comment section below!

Source: Android Police

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