BlackBerry’s Hub is Coming to All Android Marshmallow Devices


As we all know by now, BlackBerry has this unique feature on their smartphones called the BlackBerry Hub. This allows users to connect various kinds of services to one app for ease of use and convenience. The feature made its way to the Android-powered PRIV handset alongside the recently announced DTEK50, and now the company says that the utility will be available world-wide via the Play Store for all devices running Android Marshmallow and later.

Just as we injected the hardened security of BlackBerry 10 into the secure Android platform running on PRIV and the coming DTEK50, we’re bringing the super productivity suite known as BlackBerry Hub+ from BlackBerry 10 to, not just PRIV (see right) or our coming DTEK50 smartphone, but ALL Android M(arshmallow) smartphones.

For $0.99 a month, users will able to subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ which will grant them access to features users on the free plan won’t be able to use such as Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, Notes and the company’s own Launcher. However, the regular BlackBerry Hub will give you a decent amount of features to take advantage of with the occasional ad here and there. A free trial of Hub+ will be offered to new users on the platform which will last 30 days.

It makes sense for BlackBerry to start opening up their software like they are now. Before the PRIV ever was a thing, the company was really focused on accompanying great software with great hardware, with the latter causing them to fall in profits and overall users. However, since their software is some of the best in the world, it makes sense to steer farther away from the whole “capitalize on hardware as our only revenue stream” bandwagon and instead shift more focus over to their excellent software experiences and platforms. I think it’ll be interesting to see how expanding the BlackBerry Hub to all Android Marshmallow will benefit the company if at all. As always, we’ll have more coverage on this subject when more details emerge.

One thing worth noting is the fact that BlackBerry is actually exploring ways to bring their Hub platform over to Android devices running Lollipop, so stay tuned for more on that.

Source: BlackBerry via 9to5Google

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