Android Marshmallow is Now on 15.2% of Devices, While Lollipop Gains 0.4%


Google has released the Android distribution numbers for August 2016 which brings both Marshmallow and Lollipop up in points. As of now, 15.2% of all Android devices are running Android 6.0 – 6.0.1, while 35.5% of devices are running Google’s mobile OS from 2014. This is a gain of 1.9% for the former and 0.4% for the latter.


It’s interesting to see just how slowly Marshmallow has grown over a shocking 11 months. In that time, manufacturers have only managed to get the latest version of Android on 15.2% of devices. What’s more shocking is the fact that even though Lollipop dropped in points last month, it gained 0.4 points this month. This could be because more devices are shipping with Lollipop with no updates or because phones may just now be receiving the two year old version of the mobile OS. Either way, it looks like Lollipop will likely keep growing while Marshmallow may begin to drop as the time Android Nougat launches approaches us.

For reference, KitKat is currently on 29.2% of devices, Jelly Bean is on 16.7%, ICS is on 1.6%, Gingerbread is on 1.7% (surprisingly), and Froyo stubbornly remains at 0.1%.

What do you make of the latest Android distribution numbers? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Android Developers via Android Police

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