Instagram’s New ‘Stories’ Feature is Basically a Built-In Version of Snapchat

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Instagram has begun rolling out a new feature to their iOS and Android apps called ‘Stories’…

…And it’s basically Snapchat on Instagram.

No seriously, it is. Facebook has wanted to recreate Snapchat’s success for quite some time now, so it makes sense for them to practically copy the latter’s features right over to their own platform. And so they did with Stories.

Here’s a snippet of how Instagram describes Stories.

Today, we’re introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.

So basically what you do is access your ‘story’ at the top of the Instagram app by tapping a plus icon within a ring. Then, simply take a photo or record a video by holding down the shutter button (just like Snapchat). Afterwards, you can doodle on the photo/video, type phrases, or save your creation to your phone. After all that, just tap the big white send button at the bottom of the screen and your latest update will be sent out to your followers. This won’t post anything to your actual Instagram account, but only to your story. And after 24 hours, you won’t be able to view your posts inside your story anymore (just like Snapchat).

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So as you can see, there’s plenty of similarities between Instagram’s stories feature and Snapchat’s stories feature. In fact, other than a few minor tweaks to Instagram’s, the features are almost exactly the same. Of course Facebook will try to make their stories feature much better than Snapchat, but nonetheless it’s still interesting to see such similar things inside a couple of the most popular apps.

A full video on Instagram’s Stories can be seen below.

What do you think of Instagram’s new ‘Stories’ feature? Will you be using it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Instagram via 9to5Mac

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