Weird Purple Blob May Take Years to Identify, Say Scientists

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While recording an exploration, researchers aboard the EV Nautilus currently based in Victoria, British Columbia found a very strange looking purple blob-type object at the bottom of the ocean which was first brought to their attention when a crab was trying to get his claws on it. Here’s proof:

After the evidence was brought to scientists, it was then studied so further identification could be taken place. However, no title for the strange blob has been discovered yet and as of now is still unknown. Scientists say that after taking samples from the object two lobes were split, so at least they have a few facts to debunk exactly what this strange thing is. Ideas have speculated that it’s a type of nudibranch, a variation of a soft-bodied mollusk, however this theory would result in years going by without ever knowing exactly what it is.

Even with a good look at the blob, you really can’t tell what the heck it is. I don’t have any guesses as of yet, but if you do let us know in the comments.

Via: Outer Places

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