Microsoft Asks the Public to Choose the Next Windows Insider T-Shirt


Microsoft has this program called Windows Insiders where you can help test out early versions of Windows all for free. You can also get some pretty cool perks if you’re well known in the community and have an act for helping one another. So to show off your geekiness in the MS ecosystem, Microsoft has selected 7 different t-shirt designs which will ultimately come down to one after a contest takes place to see what the favorite of the publics’ is.

You can vote on your favorite Windows Insider t-shirt design until July 28th (that’s tomorrow, by the way) and hope that your look is the chosen one. Once the contest ends, the winning design will be up for sale at  Microsoft’s company eStore where anyone (whether they’re an Insider or not) can pick one up and show off their pride for everything Windows.

Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider program, retweeted an official link to where you can participate in the contest.



You can view all the t-shirt designs below. If you’d like to put in your vote, click here.

Source: Windows Insider (Twitter) via Windows Central

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