All-In-One Messenger Lets You Chat on Skype, Hangouts, Slack, and More At Once


There’s a new Chrome Web App that’s been released to the world called All-in-One Messenger, and it does everything you’d think an app with this name would do: let you message via a bunch of different services at once.

Think about it. You’re sitting at your desk chatting up a storm on Skype when someone messages you on Hangouts. What are you gonna do, pull out your phone and respond or go to and text back? No way! It’s 2016, man. Times have changed. Now with All-in-One Messenger, you can connect not only your Skype or Hangouts account but your Facebook Messenger profile, WhatsApp account, Telegram profile, and more to one interface so whenever you get a message on any of these services, you can respond right away simply by clicking or tapping one tab.

Convenient, right?

You can even connect your Slack account or HipChat profile so when work needs to get in touch with you, you’re on time. This’ll also likely help you so you don’t get fired for not responding to your boss.

A total of 27 different messaging services, like WeChat or Wire, can all be connected to All-in-One Messenger. You even get good looking desktop notifications when you receive a new message.

That’s class right there.

The developers behind All-in-One Messenger seem to be sticking to Google Chrome for a while for users to use their app with, however they may begin expanding to different platforms in the future. For now, you can download All-in-One Messenger exclusively from the Chrome Web Store here.

Source: All-in-One Messenger via The Next Web

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