In 2018, We’ll Be Unlocking Our iPhones with Our Eyes


As of now, we’re all pretty much adapted to unlocking our phones with our fingers. The world famous fingerprint sensor basically pops up on a variety of devices, from $800 flagships to a new $99 smartphone which will go on sale soon. However, one security sensor that’s been pretty underrated ever since it first launched is the iris scanner. In fact, even if you’ve ever heard of this scanner, you’re likely to think “Windows” since most devices running Microsoft’s OS include this feature rather other well-known handsets like the Galaxy S7 or LG G5. But with plenty of rumors surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 having an iris scanner, it’s about time we see another firm begin to show signs of building the same feature into one of their future devices, and this firm happens to be Apple.

According to a new report out of DigiTimes, the 2018 iPhone is rumored to be loaded with an iris scanner for logging into applications or unlocking your phone. Since the iris is “a flat, colored, ring-shaped membrane behind the cornea of the eye,” it’s easily readable by a smartphone, tablet, or even laptop. Plus, everyone’s is unique, so it’s basically just like using a fingerprint on your face without having to touch anything.

Unnamed sources are the mouths from where DigiTimes has obtained this information. The publication makes it a priority to note that Samsung will likely beat Apple to the punch in adding an iris scanner to their devices, however they still believe that Apple will be making this move at some point, and the presumed point is expected to be 2018.

Samsung is expected to lead all vendors by releasing its new flagship smartphone supporting iris recognition technology in the second half of 2016, while Apple is likely to roll out new iPhone devices with iris sensors in 2018, the sources indicated.

Giving users an iris scanner on the 2018 iPhone will likely not rid them of the fingerprint sensor, however may prove the latter to be insufficient if iris scanning takes off like it could. I’d likely use it if I got the chance, however I still tend to lean toward using just my fingerprint for unlocking my phone rather scanning my eye.

Note that this report is simply a rumor and that nothing has been confirmed just yet. I suggest taking this information with a grain of salt since DigiTimes has a pretty sketchy track record when it comes to Apple rumors and the fact that 2018 is still 2 years away.

What’s your take on this? Will an iris scanner be built into the 2018 iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: DigiTimes via 9to5Mac

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