This Tablet Can Run Windows 10 and Remix OS for $239


Chuwi has announced the latest member to their lineup of tablets. Called the Vi10 Plus, this $169 tablet-laptop hybrid comes preloaded with two operating systems you can choose between to boot into. Remix OS comes standard, while you’ll have the option to load Windows 10 to your unit at checkout for an extra $70, totaling $239. This price isn’t too shabby whatsoever, especially when considering the specs…

This tablet features a 10.8-inch full HD display (1920×1080), an Intel Atom (Cherry Trail) X5 processor with Intel HD Graphics Gen8 GPU, a 2MP rear camera (if you like taking pictures with 10-inch screens), a 2MP front camera, an 8400mAh battery, and a USB-C 3.0 port. All in all, the Vi10 Plus definitely makes for a quality device you can use as a laptop for a low amount of cash.

If you decide to grab the model with just Remix OS, you’ll get 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. If you upgrade for $70 to the model with both Remix OS and Windows 10, you’ll get 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. I recommend the model with the two OSes as this unit will surely get you through more multitasking and overall use faster.

For use as a laptop, you can pick up a keyboard which attaches to the Vi10 Plus magnetically. You also have the option to grab the Chuwi HiPen H2 stylus if you’re in to that. However, exact pricing of these accessories isn’t known at this time.

Starting today is when you’ll be able to pick up the Vi10 Plus from Chuwi. We’ll do our best to get our hands on a unit for a review.

Via: Neowin

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