Confirmed: Vulture Will Be the Villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming


At Comic Con this year, a giant surprise was dropped on the laps of the public as director Jon Watts and star Tom Holland premiered a chunk of footage already taken from the upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming. And according to this footage, the Vulture will be the main villain in the movie.

Yup, you read that correctly. Adrian Toombs himself will make his first appearance in a live action Spider-Man film. This is absolutely huge for Spidey fans all across the globe and will mark the beginning of a fresh start for our favorite web-slinger.

As of now, the footage shown at Comic Con hasn’t been uploaded to the internet, so we aren’t able to add it to this article. However, Slash Film has gotten to watch the Spider-Man: Homecoming clip and released a transcript of what went on in the video. We’ve included their entire description below.

The clip starts with the song bad reputation. “Every story, every hero, has a beginning”. We see high school yearbook photos of all the marvel characters , which appear to be real high school yearbook photos of the marvel stars. We zoom into one of the yearbook photos and cut to live action.

Peter Parker is walking down the hallway at Midtown High School. He looks up at a banner for the upcoming Homecoming dance which is being hung above some lockers.

Peter is now in science class not paying attention. Instead he is watching a video on YouTube, footage of Giant Man from the Civil War airport battle (not sure how anyone got that). The teacher notices that he’s not paying attention.

Cut to “women’s studies class.” Peter talks with his nerdy friend about a bunch of cute girls on the other side of the classroom. A girl at the table next to them notices them and gives them a dirty look, tells them they’re losers.

We see a montage of Peter Parker’s day at high school, from 1pm web design class (where he’s actually trying to secretly make his webbing) to his gym period where a group of girls plays the game “**** Marry Kill” with Marvel superheroes as Parker does pushups. The girls are infatuated by Spider-Man.

Later in the day, Peter tells one of his classmates that he has to go. She responds, “What are you hiding Peter?”

We see a quick cut montage of Peter jumping on top of a moving truck, now in his Spider-man suit climbing a wall and more. Cut back to Peter not being able to respond to the high school girl, who says she was just messing with him.

We end on the Spider-Man: Homecoming logo on high school notebook cover.

Oh, and a button to the Comic-Con sizzle reel shows a character who appears to be Vulture falling down from the sky towards the camera.

According to director Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a “straight high school movie, it’s about a 15-year-old kid.” He also states that this film is totally ground level for Marvel movies nowadays since films like Iron Man follow a rich billionaire and Guardians of the Galaxy follows a team of superheroes in the galaxy. Following a typical high school kid around town is a new “low” for Marvel, and not in a bad way. Just a “ground-zero” way.

Marvel also released this concept art which further confirms the appearance of Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Michael Keaton will be playing the villain in the film which was highly speculated in the past to be true, however no confirmation was made until just today.

Filming is still in progress, however at least we have something to feast off of for now until the first official trailer of the upcoming Spidey film comes out.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7th 2017.

Via: Slash Film

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