HTC Will Be the Latest Company to Remove the App Drawer From Their Phones


If you recall, a while back it was discovered that LG had included a simplified UI for the default home launcher in the G5 which said goodbye to the app drawer. So rather having all your apps in one convenient menu, they were placed all over multiple home screens like on an iPhone or iPad. This caused plenty of conspiracy as rumors of Google totally eliminating the app drawer in Android Nougat were flying around at the time. This ultimately resulted in a false advertisement as Android 7 does indeed include an app drawer, however LG’s motion still gave consumers the impression that the death of one of Android’s most beloved features would die off soon in the future.

Now, thanks to two tipsters via Google+, there’s even more evidence that the app drawer will be going away eventually. It’s been discovered in a hidden pop up menu within the Sense Home launcher that HTC has given Sense 8 users the option to show or hide the “all apps menu”, otherwise known as the app drawer. Mozumal Saleem has sent us a screenshot he took of the pop up on his non-rooted stock HTC 10.


We can confirm that this change is exclusive to Sense 8 users since Jude Hayek was able to access the same prompt via a custom Sense 8 ROM on his HTC One M8.


To access this pop up, the tipsters explain that it’s rather a tricky process and requires that one has a third-party launcher which supports activities installed on their smartphone. Here’s the way they explained it.

To access it the easiest way, install Nova launcher, access shortcuts (on sense home), pick Nova’s “Activities” and find “.util.AllAppsStyleChooser” under Sense Home.

A video they sent us also demonstrates the process.

They also note that if you select the “Remove All Apps menu” option, your home screen is simply reset to the way it comes when you first get your phone. So as of now, it appears that HTC is just testing this new feature.

Interestingly enough, we were able to duplicate this prompt on our Moto E running Android Lollipop by installing Nova Launcher alongside HTC’s Sense Home launcher currently in beta we recently went hands-on with. We followed the same process listed above, and got the same result: all of our app icons we added to the home screen were replaced with the default. Therefore, we can definitely confirm that this feature in testing is only available on Sense 8 and no other previous version of HTC’s skin.

If we gain any new information about HTC’s removal of the app drawer in upcoming versions of Sense, we’ll let you know.

Thanks Jude and Mozumal!

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