Apple’s Celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympics by Selling Special Watch Bands


As reported by GQ, Apple has decided to celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics by selling different Apple Watch bands all designed based on various countries they each represent. For example, a US band features red, white and blue colors, while an Italy band includes all the colors in the country’s flag.

Based on the company’s Nylon bands they recently launched, Apple has given customers the option of represetning their country right on their wrist. However, the only way to get one of these exclusive bands is to visit the Apple Store at VillageMall in Barra da Tijuca, Brazil. So if you wanna buy a band, you’ll have to buy an airplane ticket first.

14 different bands are available to choose from which all represent the 14 countries which will be competing in various categories during this summer’s Olympic Games which kick off next month. $49 is the price you’ll pay to have one of these exclusive accessories for your Apple Watch, which isn’t too expense when you factor in the fact that these bands are very limited.

One athlete by the name of Trayvon Bromell has already gotten his hands on the US band for his Apple Watch. He tweeted out an image of his wrist sporting the limited edition strap with the caption, “Ready for rio !” You can view his tweet below alongside a full gallery of all the available bands for the 2016 Olympics.



Source: GQ via 9to5Mac

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