Report: The Apple Car Will Launch in 2021, not 2020


A new report by The Information claims that Apple’s rumored car, dubbed Project Titan, will be launching in 2021 and not 2020 as multiple previous reports had claimed. According to the publication, the project had originally been targeted to be unveiled in 2020, however somehow time slipped and an extra year has been added to the launch date.

The Information has provided a short snippet of the info they’ve obtained.

One person who worked briefly with the Titan team was told during their tenure at Apple that the company had been trying to deliver a vehicle by 2020 but the target slipped to 2021.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet about Apple’s Project Titan electric vehicle, however we can basically say by now that the company is indeed at least working on something of that nature. One of the most recent reports about the Apple Car was a rumor that Apple’s seeking 800,000 square feet of room for testing their vehicle, however nothing else has evolved from that. This could mean that the firm could’ve found the correct location for themselves in secret or they’re still searching. Nonetheless, I think by now we have enough evidence that Apple’s making a car.

Source: The Information via 9to5Mac

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