Google Releases Chrome 52 to Stable Channel w/ Material Design for Mac and Removal of Backspace Shortcut


Google has officially begun rolling out Chrome version 52 to its stable channel of users (in other words, everyone) on Mac, Windows, and Linux. This update includes a few very notable tweaks including a new look for the Mac and the removal of a pretty popular but inconvenient keyboard shortcut…

First off, Chrome 52 enables its new material design introduced in version 50 by default for Mac users. This brings a whole new experience to the table as it adds an element of design Google initially launched back in 2014 but hasn’t reached Chrome users until now. Slick animations, minimal looks, and plenty of layers complete this new look in Chrome 52 in Mac, while a flag within chrome://flags can be enabled to bring back the older design for those of you who don’t like the new material UI.

Second, Google has officially removed the option to enable a keyboard shortcut where if you hit backspace, you navigate to the previous page visited. This caused a major inconvenience for users who, for example, were filling out a form which contained important information whom accidentally hit the backspace key only to find all of their info lost and needed to reenter. However, now that this feature is lost, Google has confirmed that since some users still use this tool all the time, they’ll be launching an official extension for Chrome which will re-enable it. Obviously, only certain users will want to have it back, so not all users will be required to download this add-on.

And finally, new CSS (which is the design code behind all those new, crazy looks on your favorite websites and browsers) within Chrome 52 makes websites load more inline with each other so no elements of the pages start jumping around as you scroll up and down. In addition, Chrome now supports an open standard to authenticate a site’s server with a push service called VAPID, while other small animation tweaks found in Chrome give a new impression on any unwanted pop ups and dialog boxes.

You can download Chrome 52 by visiting the Menu > About and check for update. This will automatically download the update to your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux machine and ask you to restart Chrome after it installs. Users on Android and Chrome OS can expect to see these updates hit their devices soon.

Source: Chrome Releases Blog via 9to5Google

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