You Can Now Use Samsung Pay on the Gear S2


Samsung has released an update for the Gear S2 and Samsung Gear app which now allows users to enroll in the Samsung Pay beta program. This means that users of the popular smartwatch will be able to pay for items via the NFC chip inside the Gear S2. The only requirements are that you’re located in the US, you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, and you don’t have a Gear S2 LTE or Gear S2 Classic.

Once you update the software on both your smartwatch and phone, you’ll have the option inside the Samsung Gear app’s settings to enroll in the Samsung Pay beta program. Once you complete this step, you’ll be greeted with a dedicated Samsung Pay app on your Gear S2. You can either tap that application to use the mobile payments feature or simply long press the back button on the Gear S2. You’ll be able to use all the cards you’ve already loaded into your Samsung Pay profile right on your watch without having to get your phone out.

Samsung Pay on the Gear S2 seems a bit overdue. Even though Samsung did promise that the feature would come to the Gear S2, it didn’t actually arrive until a year later after that statement was made. Plus, it’s not like the mobile payments option launched in full: Samsung has made it known that this feature is still in beta for the Gear S2. If this was their intention all along to give users a preview of Samsung Pay on the Gear S2, they could’ve “launched” it after four or five months of announcing it. But even then it would’ve been a bit overdue. Nonetheless, it’s still nice to have access to the feature, especially since it’s not like it’s only for testing from select participants. Anyone can enroll in the beta program.

In addition to the launch of the Samsung Pay for Gear S2 beta, Samsung also gave the Gear S2 a number of other updates. For starters, you now have the ability to further customize your watch face with custom pictures set as backgrounds for most pre-installed faces. Also, installing apps is now easier since Samsung now allows you to install certain applications and watch faces right from your watch rather having to pull out your smartphone. Finally, Samsung is now allowing users to share workout data from S Health right to Facebook, while frequent contact widgets can now be created thanks to an update to the Contacts app.

Will you be using Samsung Pay on your Gear S2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Samsung via 9to5Google

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