Introducing the MBEDDED Messenger Bot, Now in Beta


We here at MBEDDED believe that bots are the future of how we communicate with apps, our phones in general, and technology all around the world. They can help get things done like set appointments, email your friend, call your Mom – it’s like having a voice assistant without the embarrassment of talking to your phone in public. Plus, it’s no harder than texting someone.

So to honor our beliefs and to make it simpler to access our content, we’ve officially launched the MBEDDED Facebook Messenger Bot. It’s currently in beta, but it’s stable enough to be accessed by anyone.

And we literally mean anyone. We’re inviting everyone to join our beta testing program where you’ll get to interact with the bot and see what changes could be made. The main reason we’re opening a beta program and not simply launching the bot in full is due to the fact that terms users use each day to communicate with voice assistants such as Siri or Cortana may not be known by us and haven’t made their way into our AI database. Therefore, we’re asking all of you to submit your ideas for other terms we could use inside our bot to make it more natural and seem more human rather robotic. We’d also appreciate it if you’d send us requests for other ways to access certain groups of news such as specifically Samsung news or specifically iOS news (both of those groups are already added, by the way).

We’ve already got around 50 different news groups you can search for simply by typing in, “Show me the latest [your term here (Apple, phone, Android)] news”. You’ll then receive a response back giving you access to the 6 most recent articles within that category. How easy is that?

If you’d like to join the MBEDDED Bot beta program, simply type your information in the form below and share your thoughts on our latest addition to the MBEDDED family of services. And make sure you hit us up on Twitter @mbeddedmaximum to let us know you’ve submitted your application!

After you click “Send”, you’ll receive further instructions in your email about how to access the bot and start testing. We hope you enjoy using the MBEDDED Bot alongside bring further convenience to your lifestyle!

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