Wanna Run Windows Apps on Chrome OS? One Company Can Grant You That Wish


A company by the name of CodeWeavers has released a blog post in which they shared an amazing discovery: they were able to run Windows apps on a Chromebook with Chrome OS. The process of this technique is a little technical, however anyone should be able to follow along…

First of all, CodeWeavers notes that they have this program called CrossOver which allows users of Mac and Linux (at the moment) to run Windows applications. This software is based on the open source Wine project which allows this action to take place. And with a little customization alongside a tweak here and there, CodeWeavers was able to create a simple process of starting up your Mac or Linux computer and begin working on things like Microsoft Office or Visual Studio without having to install a dual-booted OS or virtual machine of any kind. Just simply click open the app you want and work away.

It eventually came to their attention that an Android version of CrossOver would be cool, so they began to work on it for a while and was able to build a stable version for testing. This they installed on a Chromebook thanks to Google finally allowing Android apps to be installed on Chrome OS and the fact that the Chromebook in question (likely an Acer R11) uses an Intel processor. Then, after launching the application after a successful installation, they were able to get Steam and the game Limbo to run perfectly. And yes, they’re aware that there’s already an Android version of Limbo, but who cares.

So really, this process took quite a lot of thinking. However, the outcome is pretty genius: build an Android app to install on a Chromebook in order to launch Windows apps with no struggle. This is kind of one of those moments where you’re like, “Gosh, I wish I thought of this!”

This could potentially open the doorway for more powerful Android tablets (alongside additional Chromebooks) to become even more useful since Windows apps could be run. And before you know it, the whole tablet craze may just be back on and in full force. However, I’m not calling anything as of yet as I believe that more people will be using CrossOver on their Chromebooks rather an Android device.

If you wanna try out CrossOver for Android, contact the developers behind the software at [email protected]. Note that in order to test the software, you need to have an Intel-powered Android device or Chromebook. A full demonstration of CrossOver running on a Chromebook can be seen below.

Source: CodeWeavers via Android Police

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