Today is MBEDDED’s Anniversary – Check Out How Far We’ve Come


Exactly one year ago today at 12:00PM EST, I launched the very first version of my technology-based news, reviews, and rumors site MBEDDED. Then, I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing or how to even write an article properly. I just started writing about technology for the heck of it. I thought, “Hey. These guys can write about technology. Why can’t I?” So I started developing a website based on Weebly’s blog platform. And it worked for the time being. I mean, it’s not like I was covering a giant press conference or anything. I just wanted to write about tech like everyone else was doing.

I had (and still have) a pretty large fondness for Apple. I always looked toward the next iPhone coming out or what Apple was doing with the Mac. For some reason, that really just grabbed my interest and never let go. And to this day, it still has a strong grip. So since I was so interested in them, I simply wrote about Apple news and rumors as the only topic on MBEDDED. I was originally going to do other areas of tech, but I really understood Apple the best and felt that I could write about them more properly than anyone else. So, I became an Apple reporter who would watch and cover all the Apple events, leaks, rumors, and reports and share them with the world.

At first, it was great. I was getting comments regularly about how great my website was and what high quality articles I wrote. I felt very proud! However, I was also getting people asking me when I’d expand into other categories in technology like Android or Windows. Since my heart was so set on Apple, I simply ignored those folks and went ahead and wrote about the latest iPhone rumor. But then I began to have so many people tell me to start writing about other tech areas that it was becoming something I couldn’t ignore any longer. And while I eventually convinced myself to begin writing about topics other than Apple, I soon realized that Weebly wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was having serious problems with my themes which resulted in a total redesign of my website and logo, I couldn’t feature hot articles on my front page like I wanted, I couldn’t create a simple process of writing a post and having it show up everywhere I wanted it to go on my site – I had a lot of issues that just couldn’t get fixed. Then, I discovered WordPress.

Before, I had no clue that blogging website platforms even existed. Nonetheless, I started messing around with the free version of WordPress and fell totally in love with how I could write up articles, set posts as featured ones on my homepage, and just do everything a lot easier. I then decided that this was a necessary step in MBEDDED’s future, so I purchased a package (with the help of a great investor), customized a theme, altered MBEDDED’s name to better suit our expansion, and started writing Microsoft blog posts. I was thrilled! It was extremely new territory for me, but I adjusted very easily. And soon after that, MBEDDED Maximum became a reality and I was getting even more attention to my site than ever before!

About three months after I switched over to WordPress, I updated my theme so it would better suit smaller screens where I was getting the most traffic. This also allowed me to customize everything much better and gave me the appearance of a professional news site. Of course, that’s what I already had considered MBEDDED, but this new theme gave that impression a lot better.

Since then, we’ve become parters with an excellent developer website Toptal and continue to receive multiple contributions from authors all over the country. We’ll have more of those coming up in the next few days.

All of this has lead to the MBEDDED everyone has come to know and love. The great content, the great viewing experience, the great information provided – everything about MBEDDED is great (or at least that’s what we’ve been told). And starting today, it’s gonna get a lot better.

We’ve once again updated our site with a fresh logo to carry us on for the next year and improved our viewing experience of our website. Now, you’ll see our content pop with fresh colors and visuals so clean it’ll make you think it’s a whole different site. We’ve also:

  • Update our Android app (available on the Amazon App Store) with a new look to reflect our website changes
  • Given interested folks a dedicated Advertising page where you can learn more about how to advertise on MBEDDED
  • Updated the Reboot logo to better reflect the new MBEDDED look
  • Updated our Apple News channel to appear cleaner and less confusing to users

And for something fun to celebrate our first anniversary, we’ll be posting the first five articles ever written on MBEDDED as Flashback posts all next week. Be sure to stay tuned!

We’re really happy that we’ve successfully made it through our first year as being a technology news publication. We’d like to thank all of our readers (whether you visit here everyday or every now and then) for supporting us over these 12 months and hope that you’ll stick around for the next 12.


– Max Buondonno – Owner and Head Writer at MBEDDED

P.S. To reminisce, here’s a list of all our different logos and designs over the last year. To finish it off, you can take a look at our new logo right at the end.

logo_1691251_web copy

Original (2015)

aspect 2

Revised (2015)




Anniversary (2016)

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