HP Confirms Pricing Lineup for Elite x3, Starting at $799 in US


Back in February at MWC 2016, HP unveiled to the world the Elite x3 smartphone with a 6-inch WQHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, a hefty 4150mAh battery, and Windows 10. However, we had no clue how much this beauty would cost. Guesses flew everywhere from $500 to around $700. However, HP has officially confirmed in product listings for the smartphone just how much this handset will run you.


In the US, you’ll be paying a pretty hefty $799. While that may seem like a lot, as Neowin notes, that’s still less than an iPhone 6s Plus with the same storage configuration.


In France, €699.00 is what you’ll pay, while €838.80 is the price including applicable taxes.

In Spain, €699.00 will be the price tag while €845.79 will be the final cost after taxes. There’s also a dual-SIM variant in Spain which costs €882.09.

Finally in the UK (according to a third-party retailer), the handset will set you back £680. This isn’t necessarily a bad price since you are getting a Desk Dock. It’s unclear at this point whether HP will include such an accessory with the Elite x3 when they ship it, however they do list both the Desk Dock and Lap Dock as “optional”.

While all of these prices seem a bit high, remember that this is a true flagship device with very high-end specifications. Windows Phone users who need lots of power inside a slick-looking smartphone will surely steer towards this handset (especially if it’s for business reasons), while others may be more comfortable with the Lumia 950 or 950XL.

Source: WinBeta via Neowin

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