You Can Now Send Videos in Google Hangouts for Android

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Google has updated their applicaiton Hangouts to version 11 which finally brings the ability to send videos to other Hangout users and SMS recipients if you’ve opted in to receive your texts inside the app. iOS users gained this feature at the beginning of 2016, however it seemed that Android users were left out in the cold. But now, it’s clear that Google hasn’t forgotten about us and is finally granting us a long overdue ability.

You’ll only be able to send one minute long videos on Hangouts for Android opposed to the two minute allowance on iOS, however it’s still nice to see the feature reach Google’s giant branch of users after quite some time of waiting.

In addition, Google has decided to remove the ability to merge SMS and Hangout message between the same contact in version 11. This they confirmed via a support document where they stated that the reason behind the action is “because it caused user confusion and had low usage”. I don’t know about you, but I use merged messages all the time to speak with friends and family. I always thought of it as a much cleaner way to organize your messages and keep everything in a single thread rather a bunch of different messaging branches going out to someone’s Hangouts inbox and another to one’s SMS inbox. Plus, the feature was optional so it’s not like you were required to use it. But, I guess we’re all gonna have to get used to messaging like cavemen again with no merged conversations.


Anyway, that’s really all that’s changed in Hangouts version 11 for Android. If you wanna get your hands on the latest update to Google’s messaging app, wait for the update to reach your device via the Play Store or download this APK to your phone or tablet and install it manually.

Via: 9to5Google

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