Skype for Linux is Now in Alpha


Microsoft hasn’t touched Skype for Linux since mid-2014, roughly 2 years ago. However, today they’ve proven that they haven’t forgotten about the version of their free video calling service for Linux users as the company has officially released an alpha version of a new update for Skype for Linux which brings the current UI of the application and feature list to Linux users. The best part? Everyone can test it out.

The “latest, fast and responsive Skype UI” is currently present in this update, to be exact. Microsoft notes that the entire look of the application has been changed, so you’re gonna have to get used to using the new interface as it’s much different from the version of the UI found in 2014. Calls going to other Skype users on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android are currently all supported, but calls made to users of the old version of Skype for Linux won’t work. In addition, since this new update is an alpha build, expect plenty of bugs around the UI and application in full until the final release of the software hits the internet.

To round off Microsoft’s announcements today, they also made it a priority to confirm that as of now, users on Chromebooks or Chrome on Linux can make one-on-one calls from the Skype Web App. This, by the way, is also in alpha stages.

If you wanna download the new version of Skype for Linux, click here. For all of you wanting to check out the Skype Web App, click here.

Source: Skype via Neowin

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