Android Marshmallow is Now on 13.3% of Devices



Every month, Google releases the current Android distribution numbers (seen above) to the public to give us a look at the current status of their mobile OS on various devices. And as of July 2016, it looks like Marshmallow, the company’s latest stable release (Android Nougat won’t make it’s way to devices until September), is currently running on 13.3% of devices.




Yup, you have every right to be excited.

See, this is the biggest jump in percent and usage ever for Marshmallow. It climbed 3.2% over the course of a month. This may not seem very big to you, but for an 8-month old operating system who hans’t seen any major climbs in usage in it’s entire history, it really means something.

To top it all off, Lollipop is currently on 35.1% of devices, KitKat’s on 30.1%, Jelly Bean’s on 17.8%, Ice Cream Sandwich’s on 1.7%, Gingerbread’s on 1.9% and Froyo still remains on 0.1%.

As we begin to approach the release of Android Nougat, we start to hope that version 7.0 of the mobile OS will reach a wider range of devices and totally outnumber Marshmallow hopefully by a large margin. Of course only time will tell whether this comes true, but let’s at least hope for the best.

Source: Android Developers via 9to5Google

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