HTC to Launch Desire 10 Handset as Slimmed Down Version of 10


By far, the HTC 10 is probably one of the best flagships of 2016 and is definitely HTC’s finest work to date. However, it appears that they’re not done with the smartphone as expert leaker Evan Blass has tweeted out the possibility of an upcoming HTC Desire 10 which could be a slimmed down version of the 10 or nicknamed the HTC 10 “Lite”.



Blass also stated that this phone would be coming at the end of Q3 2016.



In addition, Blass also tweeted out a leaked image of what supposedly is the camera sensor we’ll find on the Desire 10.



As you can see, it looks like HTC will be delivering a Desire 10 handset pretty soon. No spec leaks have been made so far, however be sure to stay tuned to MBEDDED for those updates.

In a reply to Blass’s last tweet, a fake HTC Thailand Twitter account released a Photoshop version of what the Desire 10 could look like based on the camera leak above.



We can’t see much from this photo other than the possibility of a black and gold color scheme on the Desire 10, however we wouldn’t mind if this appearance became reality as it does look pretty sharp. Nonetheless, as of now we should take these leaks with a grain of salt as nothing is set in stone yet.

Source: Twitter via 9to5Google

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