You Can Now Test Apple’s iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Public Betas – Here’s How

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Apple has officially opened their Beta Software Program for 2016 so the public can begin to test out beta builds of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra regardless of whether they’re a developer or not. This comes two days after we saw the second developer builds of both the upcoming update for iDevices and the Mac begin to roll out.

If you would like to start testing either preview of Apple’s new software, simply follow our short guide below.

Note: These public betas of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are different then the ones pushed out to developers. These builds are designed to be more stable and have less of a risk of ruining your device. However, you still need to keep in mind that this is preview software and anything can happen on any device. Therefore, we suggest making a backup of your device to either iTunes or Time Machine (depending on your device) just in case anything happens and you need to roll back to your current state.

To enroll yourself and your device in the Apple Beta Software Program, head over to and click the “Sign up” button. You’ll need your Apple ID credentials to do so, by the way, so be sure to have your username and password on hand.

Once that’s done, visit on your iOS device to download and install Apple’s configuration profile to test iOS 10. If you’re on a Mac and want to test Sierra, click here to download Apple’s Public Beta Access Profile right to your computer.

After that, simply visit Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device to download and install public beta 1 of iOS 10. On the Mac, visit the “Updates” tab in the Mac App Store to download and install public beta 1 of macOS Sierra.

As soon as your device boots back up, bingo! You’re on Apple’s beta testing program for the public and are ready to begin receiving future builds of iOS 10 or macOS Sierra!

Have you enrolled your device in this year’s Beta Software Program? Let us know your thoughts on it below!

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