WSJ: iPhone 7 to Bring the Death of 16GB Option


It’s been known for quite some time that 16GB of storage for most mobile device users simply isn’t enough. We’re now taking 4K videos, playing very heavy games, listening to tons of music, and taking pics for Instagram “later” like nobody’s business. All of this combined totally exceeds 16GB. So obviously, the first thing you’d think is, “Oh wait, I’ll just upgrade my storage. That’ll fix everything.” And you’d pretty much be wrong. By now, the only reason people would even get the 16GB option is because that’s the only model they can afford. They can’t afford anything bigger. And in this perspective, a pretty awkward situation is presented. You either save money and only take 2 pictures every week or grab that cash from Little Johnny’s college fund and start snapping like crazy (if you will). Horrible, isn’t it?

Well, your days of suffering with 16GB of storage on your iPhone (at least) because you bought the baseline model appear to be almost over. According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is gearing up to discontinue the 16GB storage configuration and replace it with 32GB.

Cue the shocked GIFs.

Okay, that’s enough.

Anyway, according to “a person familiar with the matter”, Apple will finally be upgrading the baseline iPhone 7’s storage drive to include 32GB of room. WSJ had nothing else to say regarding what the upcoming iPhone will feature, however they seem pretty confident that 32GB will become the baseline storage option.

Beyond the 32GB option, the iPhone 7 is also rumored to come in a massive 256GB configuration, possibly making the iPhone 7 lineup consist of 32GB/64GB/256GB. However, that seems a bit out of place. So, just to get on everyone’s nerves a little, Apple will probably upgrade the second storage tier to include 128GB of room. This would make the lineup 32GB/128GB/256GB. It’s unknown at this time whether 256GB of storage is even coming to the iPhone 7, however it’s nice to fantasize just what you could do with that much room.

Of course, carriers alongside Apple themselves will surely be selling 16GB iPhones for years to come, however it’s nice to see the time has finally come for us to begin saying goodbye to the current baseline option.

Oh, and incase you were wondering, the iPhone 7 is expected to debut this September.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via The Verge

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