watchOS 3 Beta 2 Now Out for Developers’ Testing

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Following the second builds of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple has begun seeding developers with the second beta of watchOS 3 for testing on the Apple Watch. This update brings to the table bug fixes and stability improvements while also makes using Auto Unlock on the Mac possible.

When you update to watchOS 3 Beta 2 and macOS Sierra Beta 2, you can utilize the auto unlock feature in macOS Sierra. In order for this to function you need to have two-factor authentication enabled on your iCloud account.

Instructions on how to activate Auto Unlock on your Apple Watch and Mac can be found over on our official post on the release of beta 2 of Sierra.

Another addition made to watchOS 3 is a new Emergency SOS feature explained more in detail below.

The Emergency SOS feature is new to watchOS 3 Beta 2. When you press and hold the side button to enter the shutdown UI, you are now presented with the Emergency SOS option. By pressing and holding the side button for 6 seconds, you will automatically contact emergency services. To cancel or disconnect the call with emergency services, press firmly on the display and tap Cancel. After the call with emergency services is complete, Apple Watch will alert your emergency contacts that you have contacted emergency services, and will share your location. If you don’t want your emergency contacts notified, you can tap Cancel. To disable Emergency SOS, go to the Watch app on your iPhone, then General > Emergency SOS. Here you can disable Press and Hold for SOS, add additional SOS contacts, and learn more about SOS.

Fixes Apple noted in today’s release notes about watchOS 3 include Apple Pay improvements, a more stable Camera preview experience, and a smoother Messages app. Known issues in build 2 of the update for Apple Watch include some problems when communicating with friends via the Activity app, some crashes when entering a PIN inside an app using Apple Pay, and the potential of a dropped call when trying to transfer from your Watch to your iPhone. Of course, there’s plenty of other notes published by Apple regarding issues and fixes, however the ones listed here are the most notable in my eyes.

watchOS 3 is already bringing 7x faster speeds to your Apple Watch alongside a new Dock UI, Control Center, improved Messages app, a Breathe app for stress relief, new fitness features, fresh watch faces, and much more.

To install beta 2 of watchOS 3 on your Apple Watch, you must be a registered developer and have your Watch plugged in. Then, navigate to the Watch app on your paired iPhone and tap the “My Watch” tab. From there, go to General > Software Update and you should see the updated build ready for download. Be sure to place your iPhone on Wi-Fi while downloading this software as it’ll surely gobble up plenty of your data.

You can learn more about watchOS 3 here.

Via: 9to5Mac

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