Forced Windows 10 Upgrade Led to Winning Lawsuit by California Woman


A woman by the name of Teri Goldstein in Sausalito, California recently was the owner of a PC which automatically upgraded itself to Windows 10. She claims that she had never even heard of the software upgrade until this incident happened. However, things didn’t turn out well in the end…

Goldstein says the update had failed installing on her PC, and now the computer is super slow, crashes constantly, and is basically useless. This, however, didn’t stop the woman from gaining justice.

First, she tried reaching out to Microsoft support which, unsurprisingly, didn’t help at all. So, after getting fed up with trying to gain assistant from someone, she ultimately decided that going legal with this case was the way to go.

A lawsuit filed by Goldstein went against Microsoft in favor of gaining back lost wages alongside a new PC. This resulted in the woman’s success, and in return gained her $10,000. Microsoft had originally filed an appeal, however withdrew it last month.

It’s no surprise Goldstein’s case won in her favor. Microsoft pushes the Windows 10 update on a lot of people and forcefully installs it on your system while most of the time not waiting for your confirmation. I can confidently say this whole ordeal is true as my sister’s Toshiba laptop originally running Windows 7 was unexpectedly upgraded to Windows 10 one day without her knowing it. I had to teach her the in’s and out’s of the new OS just so she could use it correctly without messing anything up. Honestly, I know how bad MS wants you to use Windows 10, but seriously this isn’t good for their reputation. As long as this occurs, I can honestly say people will be sticking with their current OS for a long time whether it’s as recent as the latest edition of Windows 10 or the earliest version of Windows 95.

Source: Seattle Times via Neowin

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