Google’s highly anticipated new messaging app Allo and simple video calling app Duo are still awaiting their first public release this summer, however that’s not stopping Google from already updating the apps. The new versions include slightly tweaked icons, however that’s all we know at this time.

It’s unclear, actually, whether it’s the entire apps Google updated or just the icons to better suite themselves as a pair, however we’re hoping this is all they changed since we still haven’t gotten to try out either of the apps yet and we want to see the very first version of the apps before any UI tweaks. But since summer (the time when Allo and Duo are set to launch) is just around the corner (2 short days, actually), expect full hands-on articles on both apps soon alongside constant updates about the apps as they’re bound to receive plenty of improvements over the first few weeks of them being available.

Via: 9to5Google