For the First Time, Google Releases I/O App for iOS


It seems nowadays Google is really coming around to the Apple ecosystem. Just yesterday, the company released Gboard, a third party keyboard for iOS users that features built-in search functions. Now, the famous search engine is releasing an I/O 2016 app for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, something they’ve never done before for any previous I/O conference.

This app features the same capabilities of the Android version, with an interactive map to see where each keynote will be held, a full event list, and a customizable personal schedule which syncs to both the app and the web. This app also features a bright and colorful material UI ported from the Android app, and definitely doesn’t skimp out on FABs.

If you want to download the official Google I/O app to your iOS device, you can do so from here.

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