Twitter for Android is Getting a Material Design Makeover


The official Twitter for Android app hasn’t always been a hit, and especially lately, more and more users are switching over to third party clients as they tend to feature better designs and easier navigation. However, it looks like Twitter has recognized this and will soon come out with a fix if a video uploaded to YouTube by XDA developer Hernán Castañón Álvarez is of any indication…

According to the video, Twitter’s Android app will be getting a complete material design makeover soon. Álvarez was able to get his hands on the updated version and has demonstrated it on YouTube. The video’s 47 seconds long and shows off the new screen animation when expanding a tweet alongside a Floating Action Button and proper use of tabs at the top for navigation.

It’s unclear at this point whether this updated look is being tested internally or will go mainstream sooner than we might think, however until we find out more, all we can do is watch the video below and just…dream…

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