The Rumored 4-inch iPhone Could NOT Be Called the “6C” After All


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As a matter of fact, it could be called the name no one was expecting at all…

This probably means nothing at all to no one at all, but a new rumor out of China states that Apple’s much anticipated 4-inch iPhone might not be called the iPhone 6C… it’ll be the iPhone 7C.

Yes, yes, yes, start with the criticism. But it’s true.

As Cult of Mac has reported…

MIC Gadget – a website that is pretty good at spotting trends and weird Apple news out of China, but not quite as good at nailing upcoming rumors – claims that a source within Foxconn says that while everything we’ve heard about the next 4-inch iPhone is true (Apple Pay, metal housing, A9 chip, $400-$500 price), it won’t come out in February, as is being predicted. It will instead come out in September, alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple will call it the iPhone 7c, positioning it as a smaller budget model in the current line-up.

This wouldn’t be a shock if Apple made this move, however. The company launched their first budget iPhone alongside the 5S with the similar model number of 5C, so it would make sense for them to launch a product with a model number as such with the flagships that are it’s brothers (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus). However, this does fly up against everything else we’ve heard about the upcoming 4-inch smartphone, so unless we confirm that Apple actually said this rather some Chinese source, you really should put some seasoning on this statement, because everyone knows you can’t sizzle a steak without a little salt.

​Think about it…


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