This iPhone Case Eliminates the Need for a Lint Roller

iPhone cases are a dime a dozen nowadays and basically function the same way all the time. A new lineup of cases for iPhones stretching back to the 6s by startup Stitched Products, however, aims to provide a new function you’ve probably never seen before on a smartphone: lint pickup.

Landing on Indiegogo with a funding goal of $20,000, the new Stitched case for iPhone eliminates the need for a lint roller. If you have, say, dandruff, pet hair, or straight-up lint on your clothing, you can use the case to whisk it all away. It uses a proprietary material that’s eco-friendly and is currently under review for a patent.

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Instead of making the cases ugly, this new lineup actually looks pretty nice. There’s four different designs you can opt for: Bold, Performance, Craftsman, and Minimalist. The special material sits atop rubber aimed at not damaging your iPhone while installing. Additionally, there’s a slight lip on the top of the cases to protect your screen from being placed face-down.

“People always want to look their best while on-the- go, and remembering to bring and store a lint roller can be cumbersome even for the most prepared professional or pet owner,” said Charles Shalhoub, CEO and founder of Stitched Products. “What people always have with them is their cell phones, and Stitched provides the unique
ability to help its owner look polished while also providing the protection and fashion they need from their cell phone case.”

As an early bird special, Stitched Products is offering its cases for the iPhone 6s and up for $25, 50 percent off the original price. Right now, the iPhone X isn’t supported in the lineup, although the company says its team is working on cases for the specific model.

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